Visual Thumbprint? A quality solution for a design inept world.

Visual Thumbprint takes a unique view of your business. We listen to you. We research your industry and competitors. We design accordingly. This sets us apart. We want you to succeed, to grow, and to expand. We can help.

Most businesses, especially small or medium sized businesses, don’t see the point of shelling out money for designed items. In fact, it may seem like money down the drain…until you consider that your logo – your branding – is the first impression a consumer has of your business, a visual thumbprint if you will. Something that should be visually uniquely yours, like your thumbprint, and reflect your businesses.

This is where we come in. Our background enables us to look at the broad picture. We listen to your needs, assess your wants, look at the industry and competitors, and then, design accordingly. Before even touching the computer to design, we’ve mapped out a plan of action. This saves you time and more importantly, money.

Design triadLet’s take a look at what we’ll call the design triad…You’ve got 3 factors that go into your final output – turnaround time given, money/budget, and quality of work. In our experience, generally you can get 2 out of the three principles…You can get a high quality, for a reasonable price, however, it may take a long time to do it. Or you may get a fast turnaround, cheap price, but the quality of work is compromised. Last but not least, you might get a fast turnaround, great quality, but you are going to pay thru the nose to get it. All of these factors contribute to your end design. Our goal is to assess your needs, and meet them…preferably giving you all three – a fast turnaround, beautiful quality work, and reasonable pricing.

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